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Wusthof Classic Forged 8 Inch Slicer with Old Logo - DISCONTINUED, 20% OFF!

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A carving knife has a longer and narrower blade than a chef's knife, allowing the knife to cleanly cut through meats.  

Quality and durability are firmly anchored in every WÜSTHOF Classic knife. When Eduard Wüsthof designed The Original in 1886, his intention was for each knife to last a lifetime. They did, and countless Classics are passed on to the next generation — then, now, and into the future.

  • Blades precision forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel hardened to 58 Rockwell

  • Laser-controlled precision sharpening for knives that are exceptionally sharp and stay sharp for longer
  • Full bolster for balance and safety, with a finger guard to protect your hands from the blade. This integral part of a forged knife provides heft and balance for effortless cutting
  • Stainless steel rivets provide increased durability
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wusthof has updated their logo and branding. This knife has the old branding and is therefore discontinued, so we are offering our extremely limited stock at 20% off.