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Tea Forte Petite Presentation Box Tea Tasting Assortment


The Tea Tasting Assortment Petite Presentation Box is a perfect way to introduce yourself, or someone else, to the extraordinary experience of Tea Forté. And when entertaining, you will be sure to have something for everyone. The open lid reveals a detailed tasting menu of black, green, white and herbal teas.

Each box contains 10 pyramid tea infusers, one of each of the following blends: African Solstice (herbal tea), Black Currant (black tea), Chamomile Citron (herbal tea), Earl Grey (black tea), Ginger Lemongrass (herbal tea), Green Mango Peach (green tea), Jasmine Green (green tea), Raspberry Nectar (herbal tea), White Ambrosia (white tea), and White Ginger Pear (white tea). The open lid reveals a detailed tasting menu.

Tea Forté’s pyramid tea infuser is an elegant signature of their brand. Unwrap, steep, and reveal the exquisite nature of the whole leaf teas, herbs, fruits, and flowers with each leaf-topped infuser. Designed to allow the tea leaves to fully and luxuriantly unfurl in the water, the result is a most delicious and flavorful cup of tea.

Tea Forté’s signature pyramid infusers are made from lab-tested, FDA-approved, food grade, recyclable PET and handcrafted into pyramid shape without the use of any chemical additives, colorants or adhesives. The signature pyramid infuser complies with FDA’s safe-for-food contact packaging specifications and does not contain gluten or GMOs.

  • Please note: Pyramid infusers are not microwave-safe.