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Savannah Bee Company Rosemary Lavender Gardener's Kit


Savannah Bee Company's best-selling beauty products are now packed together in one beautiful Savannah Bee Company Box, making it a perfect gift.

Give the busy worker bee in your life everything they need to nourish and soften those hard-working hands while hydrating those cracked, dry lips. This Gardener Kit comes with  Beeswax Salve, Royal Jelly and Beeswax Hand Cream, and  Honey and Beeswax Lip Balm. 

Containing all four hive ingredients: Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Propolis, and Honey, the Beeswax and Royal Jelly Hand Cream naturally replenishes lost moisture and creates a barrier between skin and anything that could damage it. The Beeswax Salve penetrates deeply to nourish dry, distressed skin. Finally, the Honey and Beeswax Lip Balm absorbs and protects with the soothing benefits of organic beeswax.