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Outset Pink Himalayan Salt Plank


Oustset Pink Himalayan Salt Plank Cooking, Serving and Cutting Block

12 x 8 x 1.5 Inch

Spice up your life with this gorgeous Himalayan salt plank for cooking, serving and cutting board! Made from beautiful pink Himalayan salt, this piece is sure to accent any kitchen or countertop with its pop of color. Each one is unique, veining and color will vary from hues of pink, yellow, gray and white. The natural salt properties make this an excellent upgrade to your standard cooking and grilling process. Due to its inherent qualities, the block transfers added flavor to anything that touches it, giving your meats and vegetables and added delicious kick. The heat transfer properties of this cutting board also allow it to retain both hot and cold temperatures, meaning you can keep food fresh or warm, depending on your needs. Can be used to bake cookies, scones, pizzas, and other baked goods. Also functions has a gorgeous charcuterie board.

Care instructions: Avoid running your natural salt block under water or submerging in water, as any remaining moisture in the salt slab can cause breakage upon heating. Be sure to let your salt slab dry for at least 24 hours after exposure to any moisture. There is no need to use soap or detergent on your Himalayan salt slab, as it is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial. You may wish to freshen your salt block with a bit of lemon juice from time to time.