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Joyce Chen Classic Series 12-Inch Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan with Birch Handle


Joyce Chen was more than just a chef. She was a pioneer who introduced authentic Chinese cuisine to the American public, through her restaurants, cookbooks, and television show. She was passionate about cooking healthy and delicious meals, and making Asian cooking accessible to every household, forever enriching the cuisine, culture, and curiosity of culinary experts and enthusiasts alike.

Joyce Chen Kitchenware is inspired by her legacy and offers a complete range of products that help you craft authentic Asian dishes in your own kitchen and bring delicious new flavors to your table.

  • Versatile pan sears and chars like a wok but with a flat bottom to fit most stovetops
  • High heat cooking with 1.5mm carbon steel gauge
  • Solid birch wood handle pops off so you can simmer and warm food in the oven
  • Uncoated surface for a more traditional experience without any chemical coatings
  • Regular seasoning after cooking brings out a deep, beautiful patina
  • Hand wash after use, wiping off extra moisture to extend the life and character of the pan
  • Dimensions: 12 inches round