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Hestan OvenBond Tri-ply Clad Stainless Steel 5 Piece Set


This complete set comprised of a Half Sheet Pan with Rack, Quarter Sheet Pan, Square and Rectangular Bakers, is the perfect choice to outfit your kitchen for a lifetime of baking and oven-roasting, perfect for holiday entertaining.

Introduce exceptional craftsmanship and lasting performance to the kitchen with the Hestan Provisions™ OvenBond Set. This five-piece set includes bakers and sheet pans crafted from triple-bonded clad stainless steel with a responsive aluminum core designed to evenly emit heat, producing beautifully browned goods and perfectly roasted foods.

Warp-resistant clad bake pans feature wide curved handles, providing an easily accessible, firm hold when removing the baking sheets from the oven, even when wearing oven mitts. Brushed stainless steel interiors and polished exteriors give these pans a lasting aesthetic that keeps them looking newer, longer, as does the dishwasher safe capability. This gourmet ovenware set is broiler safe and oven safe to 600°F to accommodate a wide range of recipes.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Triple-bonded, stainless steel ovenware set features an aluminum core for greater, even heat conductivity
  • INCOMPARABLE BEAUTY - Ovenware set boasts a brushed stainless steel baking surface and polished exterior that brings a sleek look to the modern kitchen design
  • WARP-RESISTANT - Tri-ply clad stainless steel baking pans are thermal tested and engineered to be warp-resistant, maintaining their shape for a lifetime of oven baking and roasting
  • SECURE HOLD - Sheet pans and bakers feature wide, curved handles that are designed for a firm hold when removing from the oven
  • UNRIVALED DURABILITY - Heavy-duty stainless steel pieces are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup
  • HESTAN'S SIGNATURE PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Exceptional heat conducting bakeware pans are broiler safe and oven safe to 600°F to accommodate a wide range of oven roasting needs with excellent heat retention
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Hestan Provisions is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Made in China


  • Quarter Sheet Pan:
    Length with handles: 18.4 in 
    Width: 11.7 in
    Height: 2.17 in
    Interior dimensions: 9 in x 12 in
  • Half Sheet Pan with Rack:
    Length with handles: 15.8 in
    Width: 24 in
    Height: 2.2 in
    Interior dimensions: 13 in x 18 in
  • Square Baker:
    Length with handles: 13.9 in
    Width: 10.7 in
    Height: 3.1 in
    Interior dimensions: 8 in x 8 in
    Weight: 3.5 lb
  • Rectangular Baker:
    Length with handles: 18.6 in
    Width: 11.7 in
    Height: 3.3 in
    Interior dimensions: 9 in x 13 in
    Weight: 5.4 lb