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Henckels Cafe Roma 2 Piece Latte Glass Set

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Serve silky lattes without burning your fingers in these elegant glasses designed especially for this signature coffee drink. HENCKELS Cafe Roma distinctive glassware offers an innovative, insulated double wall design and a modern look that’s a must-have for stylish kitchens. These modern mugs and glasses maintain the toasty temperature of your espresso, cappuccino, latte, tea, and hot cocoa. With their chic translucence, you can also elegantly serve up hot toddies and mulled wine. Comfortably cup your steaming drinks without worrying the glass is too hot. This versatile glassware is ideal for cold drinks as well, like iced coffee, iced tea, juice, beer, and cocktails. The insulated glass ensures your drinks stay refreshingly chilled without your hands getting too cold and without messy condensation rings on tabletops.

Each piece is constructed from high quality, sturdy borosilicate glass for everyday durability. Mouth-blown by skilled artisans, their fine craftsmanship makes them equally suitable for everyday use and special occasions.

  • Glass maintains perfect temperature. Keeps food and drinks hot while remaining cool to the touch. Cold drinks stay cool for a long time and no messy condensation rings on tabletops
  • Time-tested German engineering meets Italian design
  • Each glass delivers flawless functionality and exceptional beauty
  • Mouth-blown by skilled artisans
  • Constructed of high quality, durable borosilicate glass
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe