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Butterie Flip-Top Butter Dish in Yellow


Butterie is a shatterproof butter dish with an attached flip-top lid. By attaching the lid to the base, Butterie solves the slippery mess a traditional 2-piece butter dish makes. Unlike a butter dish with water, or a butter crock, this innovative countertop butter dish safely keeps your butter soft & easy to spread, making your butter always ready for use.

Butteri's large butter dish can hold 2 sticks of butter, and it’s attached flip-top lid means no more slippery, messy or broken butter dish lids. The Butterie butter dish fits Kerrygold, Plugra, President, or any 8 ounce block of butter. Need a butter dish for cream cheese? Butterie is the perfect choice! This dishwasher safe butter dish, is also microwave-safe, and BPA-free. Tired of glass dishes that break or chip? Butterie is made with a shatterproof plastic, so it will look beautiful and last for years. This butter dish also has wide, easy-grip handles, and a non-slip base. The Butterie butter dish includes a matching knife with cradle, and features a hidden, no-mess edge for scraping the butter knife clean.

Enjoy Soft Butter Anytime
• Shatterproof, BPA-Free Plastic
• Has Matching Spreader
• Holds 2 sticks or 8 ounces
• Dishwasher Safe
Holds 2 sticks!
Butterie's small compact design takes up minimal counter space and can hold...
• 2 sticks of butter
• European butters like Kerrygold
• Standard block of cream cheese.