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Epicurean Pizza Peel 21" x1 4" in Natural


Turn your kitchen into a pizzeria! Epicurean Pizza Peels won’t help you hand toss the dough, but you may be inspired to try. Build or place your pizza right on the peel and then slide it off onto your preheated oven rack or pizza stone. The beveled edge makes it easy to scoop your perfect pie from the oven when the cheese is hot and bubbly. Because these peels are made with the same material as their cutting boards, just slice and serve. These peels are made with 3/16 inch material. Measures 21" x 14" x 3/16"

Epicurean prides themselves on crafting products that are not only simple, functional and long-lasting, but also environmentally responsible from start to finish. They choose materials which are both durable and eco-friendly, and use production processes that minimize and recycle waste. Their goal is to create the highest quality products that balance performance with respect for the environment.

  • Dishwasher Safe Epicurean paper composite products are non-porous and dishwasher safe.
  • Knife Friendly Cutting on Epicurean cutting boards are easy on your knives, so you will sharpen less.
  • Heat Resistant Epicurean paper composite cutting boards are heat resistant up to 350°F / 176°C, so you can use the surface as a trivet without leaving a blemish.
  • Made in the USA Epicurean cutting boards are exclusively manufactured in the United States of America.