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Shun Classic Blonde 6.5" Nakiri


The first thing you notice about the nakiri is its unique blade shape. With its squared-off tip and straight cutting edge, it is a very eye-catching blade. In Japan, a nakiri is a vegetable knife and this beautiful kitchen knife is designed to handle a full range of vegetables, and a lot more, with ease. Use it with a simple push cut instead of a rocking cut. The straighter edge means more of the blade contacts the board with each cut for extremely efficient slicing and dicing. The shorter 6.5-inch length and squared tip make the nakiri especially easy to control with precision. The Shun Classic Blonde Nakiri is a gorgeous addition to the Shun Classic Blonde series and it will make a perfect addition to your kitchen, too.

  • A versatile, Japanese-style vegetable knie
  • Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core is wear and corrosion resistant, strong, and very fine-grained to enable a razor-sharp, long-lasting 16° edge each side
  • 34 layers of stainless Damascus cladding each side (68 total); support the core, add stain resistance, and help food release from the blade
  • D-shaped blonde Pakkawood handles are comfortable for both left- and right-handed users; durable, beautiful, and won't harbor bacteria
  • Full composite tang for light weight and perfect balance
  • Handcrafted in Japan