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ZWILLING Gusto 1.37 Qt. Round Storage Container

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The round ZWILLING Gusto glass gratin dish (1300 ml) is the perfect all-rounder for the modern-day storage, preparation and heating of food and meals. It can be used in a variety of manners – in the fridge or freezer, in the oven and microwave but also as a storage jar. Thanks to its distinctive ZWILLING design, it has an attractive and high-quality appearance, making it suitable for serving on the set table. You can recognise the high, long-lasting quality of the storage jar by two special features: the glass and the plastic lid. The strong, temperature stable glass is tasteless and, being a particularly hygienic material, it is also ideal for sensitive foods. The special plastic lid seals airtight, thus meals are stored leak- and aroma-proof. Everything remains appetisingly fresh and odours or moisture in the fridge have no chance of getting in. How versatile the ZWILLING Gusto glass gratin dish is, becomes apparent when, e.g. you are planning a picnic. This is because one fresh storage jar is all you need for preparing a fresh salad, chilling, transporting and serving it. The subsequent cleaning is just as uncomplicated. Both the glass container and the plastic lid are dishwasher safe, making them low-maintenance.


  •     1300 ml, round form
  •     Robust, hygienic glass
  •     Can be sealed airtight and aroma-proof with plastic lid
  •     Also suitable as a storage jar and transport container
  •     Simple dishwasher cleaning