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ZWILLING 6-pc Glass Water Stone Sharpening Set

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Japanese water stones are an efficient and effective tool for keeping your knives sharp. Using just a few drops of water (no soaking necessary), your knives will be sharp in a matter of minutes - no oil necessary. This Kramer by ZWILLING set features a coarse 400-grit glass stone for dull knives or for reshaping blades, a finer 1,000-grit glass stone for honing, and a 5000-grit glass stone for finishing touches. The bamboo sharpening stone sink bridge holds the stones when in use. Also included in this set is the easy-to-follow Sharpening Instructional DVD by master bladesmith Bob Kramer.

  • Consist of00 Grit Glass Water Sharpening Stone, 100 Grit Glass Water Sharpening Stone, 5000 Grit Glass Water Sharpening Stone, Bamboo Sharpening Stone Sink Bridge, Cleaning Stone for Sharpening Stones, Bob Kramer Sharpening Instructional DVD