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Shun 22–Slot Bamboo Block


The Shun 22-Slot Bamboo Block displays your Shun collection beautifully and ensures the knife you need is always within easy reach. This attractive block is made of easy-to-clean, stain resistant bamboo, one of the world's most renewable resources. All it requires to keep it clean is occasional wiping with a damp cloth. The natural hardness of bamboo means it resists knife marks and retains its handsome appearance even under consistent use. This block can accommodate up to 20 pieces of kitchen cutlery, plus a honing steel and kitchen shears. The six slots on the lower edge of the block can be used for up to six steak knives or smaller cutlery.

  • Beautiful, sustainable bamboo construction
  • Accommodates up to 20 knives, large and small
  • Also includes slot for honing steel and kitchen shears
  • Made in China

Slot dimensions:
(Due to differences in handle width all of your knives may not fit in this block. Please use this as a general guide.)

  • 1-honing slot .6” X .6” (15.2mm x 15.2mm)
  • 1-shear/fork slot 1.1” X .6” (28mm x 15.2mm)
  • 5-slots 2.1” wide (53.3mm)
  • 3-slots 1.5” wide (38.1mm)
  • 5-slots 1.2” wide (30.5mm)
  • 6-slots 1” wide (25.4mm)
  • 1-slot 3.9” wide (99.1mm)