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Savannah Bee Company Black Sage Honey 20 oz


Mild and delicious, Black Sage Honey provides a subtle herbaceous flavor ideal for savory recipes or herbal teas. This rare and exceptional honey is usually harvested only four seasons per decade.

Bees make the honey by collecting nectar from Salvia mellifera, a wild desert plant that grows in the lower Sierra Nevada mountain region. To produce enough blossoms for honeybees to make a crop of Black Sage Honey, this desert plant must get just the right amount of rain at just the right time of year. Many years can pass before black sage plants experience this delicate balance of rainfall and aridness, which is one reason why Black Sage Honey is so special.

  • Tasting Notes: Savory with notes of pepper. Soft sweetness with earthy tones fades off the back of the tongue.
  • Region: Southern California
  • Pairings: The subtle flavor makes Black Sage Honey ideal for roasting chicken or making salad dressing and sauces. It also pairs well with wine and cheese.