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RSVP International 13" Splatter Screen


This Double Fine-Mesh Splatter Screen is large at 13"  in diameter, with a handle that is 6.25" long to allow the splatter screen to sit perfectly on fry pans, cast-iron fry pans, stock pots, woks and non-stick skillets The comfortable long handle keeps hands safely away from heat and hot oil, protecting your skin and safeguarding your clothing from stains and messy grease. Handle stays cool alleviating the need for special potholders or mitts.

  • Made of durable, thick mirror-finish 18-8 double fine-mesh stainless steel that keeps its shape and construction over time.
  • Prepare fried foods cleanly and safely using this 18-8 stainless steel splatter screen to cover your pots, pans and woks up to 13" in diameter.
  • The double fine-mesh of this splatter screen contains hot oil splatters inside the pan keeping your kitchen and cooktop free from grease, while protecting you from grease burns when cooking.
  • Make perfectly crisp fried foods at home using this splatter screen because it allows the steam to escape when frying, and you can see through the mesh and closely monitor the cooking process to achieve the desired result.
  • Stores easily in narrow spaces and it's dishwasher safe for easy clean up.