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Mrs. Anderson's Baking Cheese Cloth, 3 Yards


Mrs. Anderson's extra-fine, 100-percent cotton Cheesecloth is invaluable among kitchen supplies for cooking, roasting, draining, straining, and sieving. It filters out seeds, skins, fibrous bulk and lumps for silky-smooth syrups and jellies, sauces, pastes, purees, gravies, cream soups, clear broth, and stock. The perfect addition to canning supplies, too. Easy to use, simply line a strainer or colander with cheesecloth, place a catch bowl underneath, and pour in the item to be strained. Use multiple layers to trap even smaller bits. An essential of cheese making supplies, it captures dairy solids and allows whey to drain for a firmer homemade cheese. It promotes air circulation to keep cheese mold free as it ages. Strain liquids from homemade yogurt for a thicker Greek yogurt. Wrap cheesecloth around herbs and spices as a sachet or bouquet garni that's easily lifted out from soups, stews and stocks, make an herb infuser to flavor oil and vinegar, fill with mulling spices for mulled cider, add pickling spices to a brine recipe for pickles, sauerkraut and other cabbage recipes, steep loose tea leaves, catch seeds and pulp when juicing lemons, or strain bits from homemade almond milk. For juicy, flavorful oven roasted poultry, soak cheesecloth in a mixture of melted butter and wine, or cider, and drape it over top to slow baste roasted turkey. A must-have for home brewing supplies, tie up hops and whole grains in the cheesecloth, as a steeping bag, to contain and easily extract them without having to filter out husks from a homebrew craft beer. A helpful addition to fermenting supplies, it allows ample airflow for making kefir and other probiotic and fermented foods, or kombucha and other fermented tea, and protects food from debris and bugs during the fermentation process. Made from 40s weight cotton woven 20 x 10 threads per inch. Brought to you by HIC, a third-generation family owned and operated company in the USA since 1957.

  • Mrs. Anderson's Baking Extra-fine Cheesecloth for cooking, roasting, draining, straining, sieving, fermenting, cooking with herbs, and more
  • Made from 40s weight lint-free cotton woven 20 x 10 threads per inch; washable and reusable; measures 3-square yards (36 x 108-inches)
  • Filter out seeds and skins for smooth jellies, sauces, purees; drain liquids and whey from dairy for denser homemade cheese and thick Greek yogurt
  • Wrap herbs and spices in a bouquet garni to extract easily before serving foods, infuse oil and vinegar, make mulled cider, or homebrew craft beer