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Maine Man Fish Scaler

HIC s Fish Scaler is specially designed to remove fish scales like a pro! Whether just learning how to clean fish or a seasoned fishmonger, this must-have of fish cleaning tools features raised nubs on the underside that lift and remove scales to make the task easier. Its curved handle ensures a secure grip, even when hands are wet. Easy to use. Simply lay fish on a flat work surface and hold it firmly. Using short strokes, scrape the length of the fish from the tail to the head until all scales are removed. Rinse fish thoroughly in cold water. Its whimsical design is a perfect gift for those enthusiastic about all types of fishing. Hangs for easy storage or stows away with camping and fishing gear or right in the tackle box. It makes the perfect addition to fishing accessories and take-along for hiking, boating, fishing and cookouts. Made from sturdy aluminum. Easy to use and clean. Hand wash with warm, soapy water.