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Fantes Cousin Daniele's Expandable Dough Cutter


Fantes Cousin Daniele's Expandable Dough Cutter cuts multiple strips of dough at once, all uniformly sized to cook evenly. Cut a variety of widths, from narrow 3/8-inch to 4 7/8-inch wide, and up to 7/8-inch thick. It performs the tasks of multiple kitchen tools in one. Use it as a noodle cutter to cut strips for homemade pasta, like fettuccine, lasagna, and egg noodles. Cut across the strips for squares to make farfalle, garganelle, gnocchi, or ravioli. A must-have of baking tools for desserts and treats, cut strips for pie lattices, or squares for turnovers, cookies and breadsticks. Width between cutting wheels easily adjusts to cut 4 uniform-sized strips of dough at once. Simply loosen the wing nut, adjust the frame to desired width, and tighten the wing nut to lock it in place. Roll out dough according to the recipe and dust with flour. Place cutter wheels at the edge of the dough, hold it by the frame and roll across the dough with a light pressure. Separate the dough strips and prepare according to the recipe. Cousin Daniele's Expandable Dough Cutter wheels and frame are made from stainless steel. It's easy to use and easy to clean. No assembly or disassembly required. Simply wipe with a dry, clean cloth before first use, and after every use. Do not submerge in water or wash in the dishwasher. Wipe with a damp sponge, if necessary, and dry thoroughly, including the rivets. Fante's Italian pasta recipes and complete instructions are included. Fante's, The Italian Market Original since 1906.

  • Fantes Cousin Daniele's Expandable Dough Cutter cuts 4 uniform strips of dough at one time; from 3/8-inch to 4 7/8-inch wide, and up to 7/8-inch thick
  • Cut strips of dough for pie lattices, fettuccine, lasagna, farfalle and egg noodles; cut squares for garganelle, ravioli, turnovers and breadsticks
  • Similar-sized pieces of dough cook evenly for better results
  • Wheels and frame are stainless steel; loosen wing nut and adjust frame to desired space between cutting wheels; tighten wing nut to lock in place
  • No assembly required; wipe with a clean, dry cloth or damp sponge; dry thoroughly; do not submerge in water; Fante's recipes and instructions included