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de Buyer Le Mandoline Revolution Master


Elevate your mandoline experience with Le Mandoline Revolution Master. This classic, French tool is made from stainless-steel and features a double-sided, micro-serrated and crinkle blade. Non-slip feet and an ergonomic pusher guarantee maximum results with maximum safety. The Master offers all of the features of Le Mandolin Revolution and includes three additional julienne blades and one additional pusher. Slice and dice fruits and vegetables. Cube melon, create waffle cut fries, diamond cut cucumbers and julienned carrots. Ideal for crudités, salads, toppings and beyond.  

·         Made of stainless steel

·         Double-sided blade: micro-serrated and crinkle

·         6 julienne blades included: 2/3/4/5/7/10mm

·         1 storage box for the juliennes

·         Make a variety of cuts: slice, waffle cut, julienne, dice, cube, diamond cut

·         Protective pusher, non-slip feet and ergonomic design for maximum safety

·         Additional long pusher

·         Dishwasher safe when blade is removed

·         Fold in the feet for easy and compact storage

·         Made in France; origin guaranteed

·         Length: 15.6"

·         Width: 7.7"

·         Height: 5.5"

·         Weight: 5.3lbs


de Buyer

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