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Chic Wrap Cook's Tools Plastic Wrap Dispenser

Dispenser Cook's Tools Plastic Wrap 12" x 250'

The World’s best plastic wrap dispenser is fun, friendly and fresh! ChicWrap® Cook’s Tools brings everything you love about your kitchen together with cool, retro flair. Chic Wrap Plastic Dispensers come fully loaded with BPA free Professional Grade Plastic Wrap.  Many people refer to plastic wrap as Saran Wrap, Reynolds Wrap and Cling Wrap. Each ChicWrap® Dispenser also comes with four rubber feet for stability on any counter and Chic Wrap's patented ZipSafe® Slide Cutter. This Professional Grade Plastic Wrap is FDA approved, Kosher certified, Halal certified and microwave safe.

ChicWrap Professional Grade Plastic Wrap is made from PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) and is FDA approved, BPA Free and Kosher Certified. Professional Grade means it's superior to grocery store brands like Reynold's Saran and Glad Wrap to name a few. Chic Wrap plastic wrap measures 11 microns thick, giving it amazing cling-ability! Professional Grade Plastic Wrap can be used in the microwave and recommended the user poke holes in the wrap to allow steam to escape. Chic Wrap plastic wrap can also be used in the freezer to protect and store foods and to prevent freezer burn.