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Carry Cover for Ooni Karu 12


Pack up Ooni Karu 12 for your next adventure with the 100% waterproof Carry Cover for Ooni Karu 12, complete with an elasticated edge for a super snug fit and adjustable straps for moving your pizza oven with ease. Compatible with the Karu 12 and the Karu 12G.



• 100% waterproof cover

• Elastic edge hugs the oven

• Made from durable, weatherproof polyester

• Includes adjustable straps

• Integrated aluminum harness buckle

• Padded handles for easy carrying



• Designed especially for the Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven

• Protects the Ooni Karu 12 from the elements

• Easy to put on and take off

• Handles make Ooni Karu 12 portable