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Taylor Wireless Programmable Digital Thermometer


A helpful roasting and baking thermometer with a wireless remote pager. You can be up to 200 feet away from your oven, BBQ , or Smoker and still be alerted that your food is nearing the desired temperature and again when the food is done. The remote alarm is in the form of a sound alert, a vibrating alert, and even a visual light alert. You can see the internal food temperature on the base unit without opening your oven door or grill lid -keeps heat in and temperatures up for faster, more efficient roasting .The temperature range is 32 degrees F to 392 degrees F and switches to 0 degrees to 232 degrees C. The base unit has a blue backlight for easy reading in all types of light. The remote comes with volume control, and lanyard plus a stand, clip, and magnet for mounting .The base unit also be used as a kitchen timer .The cable sensor probe for inside the oven has a heat resistant/break resistant silicone cord. Handwash only. Do not immerse in water or put in dishwasher

• Wireless technology allows monitoring cooking progress from up to 200' away
• Includes 9 preset temperatures or custom setting
• 3 distinct ways of alerting you when food is done...light, sound and vibration
• 2 pre-alert signals let you know when food is nearing targeted temperature
• Backlight, timer and clock features