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Capresso Charcoal Water Filter, Set of 3

Capresso Charcoal Water Filter
3-pack charcoal water filters

The charcoal filter cartridge removes up to 82% of the chlorine and other impurities found in tap water, significantly improving the taste of the water and coffee. Replace filter every six weeks or after 60 pots of coffee, whichever comes first. Please be sure to order the correct filter for your Capresso drip coffee maker.

For use with Models:
Capresso Elegance
CoffeeTEAM models #451, #452, #453, #454
CM200 & CM300
MT500 & MT500 PLUS
MG600 & MG600 PLUS
MT600 & MT600 PLUS

NOT for use with Models:
#446, #464, #465 or #490