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GreenPan Induction Cooktop

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This induction burner is a must-have for small apartments, fondue parties, travel, and more. A powerful 1800-watt cooktop, it makes everything from fluffy scrambled eggs to juicy seared steaks wherever and whenever you need it to.


Programmable Presets

A fast touch control panel features helpful presets that allow you to sear, warm, and more


Quick-Response Technology

A powerful and efficient quick-heating design offers precision high-heat cooking and cuts cooking time


Black Crystal Glass Surfact

Smooth and snag-free, the sleek black surface makes for no-fuss cleanup


Lightweight & Portable

A countertop-friendly design, it also happens to be lightweight so you can take it on the go for the mealtime flexibility you need.


Powerful & Easy

This powerful 1800-watt induction cooktop gives you quick heat when and where you need it.



Clean after each use. Disconnect plug and wait until the unit has cooled down.

Wipe down the unit using a dish washing agent and a damp cloth. Use vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt from the air intake and exhaust vent. Do not use benzene, thinner, scrubbing brush, or polishing powder to clean the induction cooker. Never run water over the unit.


11.42" Long
14.6" Wide
2.17" High