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de Buyer Copper Mixing Bowl 10.25"


Add a touch of luxury to your kitchen with this 10.25" Copper Mixing Bowl. The quality of this mixing bowl is unmatched, composed of 100% copper and cast iron handles. Among the many uses, this copper Mixing Bowl is traditionally used by professionals to easily beat egg-whites until stiff. The rounded shape helps to fold in air to make eggs, batters, etc. extra light and fluffy. With a capacity of 4qt, the 10.25" copper mixing bowl is great for beating 10-15 egg whites. 

·         Handmade in France.

·         100% Copper. Cast iron handles.

·         Diameter: 10.25"

·         Weight: 2.4lbs

·         Capacity: 4qt

·         1.2mm thick

·         Not dishwasher safe, handwash with soap and water, do not use any harsh or abrasive products.


de Buyer

Founded in 1830 in the Vosges region in France, this is where every de Buyer utensil is conceived, engineered, and manufactured. Using the most advanced materials and cutting-edge innovations, de Buyer cooking, pastry, and slicing utensils are made to put a smile on every face, from the stove to the table.