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Staub Ceramic Pie Dish Cherry

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Staub Ceramic Pie Dish Cherry
9 3/8", 1.7Qt,

Staub Ceramics are a perfect complement to Staub Cast Iron and offer easy and convenient oven to table top presentation. Staub Ceramics clean transitional design and durability allow for daily use in professional and home kitchens. Staub Ceramics exemplify superior thermal shock resistance, providing years of cooking and baking enjoyment. Staub Ceramics beautiful glass porcelain finish will not fade or diminish with time.

  • Glass porcelain finish that is highly scratch and stain resistant
  • Fired twice, which allows for very low water absorption and makes the product highly impact and thermal shock resistant
  • High polished rim wont scratch surfaces or cooktops
  • Easy to grip handles
  • Safe for use in dishwasher, microwave, broiler and freezer
  • Oven safe to 572°F/300°C
  • Cadmium Free / Lead Free / PFOA Free / PTFE Free
  • Made in China