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Novis Vita Juicer in Black

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Novis Vita Juicer
Please call us toll free at 877-229-7184 and we will be happy to special order this Novis Vita Juicer for you.

Designed and developed in Switzerland, the Novis Vita Juicer is a multifunctional juicer offering 4 functions in 1 - citrus pressing (Citromax®), centrifuge with citrus pressing (Vitatec®), juicing, and pureeing for a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Its high-quality processing, the novel technology, product design and responsible handling of the materials used for the product and packaging, make the Novis Vita Juicer a world first in the field of kitchen appliances. Aesthetics, technology and design combined in one brand-name product - resulting in the best looking and most compact juicer of its class, for natural energy and vitality.

  • MULTIFUNCTION - 4 Functions in one. Citromax®, Vitatec®, Juicing and Puree.
  • CITROMAX ® - Engages the citrus press to yield maximum extraction of juice with pulp from lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits with no effort. (patent-protected)
  • VITATEC ® - Engages the citrus press (Citromax®) and the centrifuge simultaneously producing nutrient rich, pulp free juice with a smooth consistency. This function is unique to the Novis Vita Juicer. (patent-protected)
  • JUICING - Allows maximum extraction from all types of fruits and vegetables from leafy greens to hard vegetables.
  • PUREE PRESS - Presses foods such as vegetables (soft and hard), and fruits such as bananas and berries against the centrifuge squeezing out more of the nutrient rich juice and creating velvety purees.
  • AUTO SPEED - Simple one speed on/off operating system with an intelligent sensor that regulates speed and reacts automatically to different pulp consistencies without any manual adjustment. DC motor provides power and is energy efficient.
  • EASY CLEANING - Vita Juicer contains minimal parts to assemble and disassemble. All parts that come in to contact with juice are easily removed and dishwasher safe, even the centrifuge which can be dismantled into two parts.
  • DROPHOLD ® - Easy to operate fitting prevents the flow of juice and any drips. (patent-protected)
  • 20% MORE - The multifunctional Vita Juicer produces 20% more juice than conventional juicers, plus it presses citrus juice, purees and can juice everything from leafy greens to hard and soft vegetables and fruits.
  • QUIET OPERATION - Low noise volume.
  • Warranty - 10 year warranty on the motor and 3 year warranty on the parts