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Koziel Community Mask Grey

Koziel Community Mask

By wearing this sustainable face mask, you show social responsibility towards yourself and your environment.

The »HI community mask reduces the emission of particles from the wearer`s breathing air to the environment and this reduces the risk of infection for others.

At the same time, it protects the wearer from careless touching of the lips, nose and thus against self-infection by hands.

The Community Mask was tested in France by the Ministry of Defense.
The main focus was on the filter quality.
At least 95% of viruses are filtered out.
Between 95 and 98% of bacteria are filtered out.
Effectively 99.99% of pollen and fine dust are filtered out.
These values are in the range of FFP1 (80% filtration) and FFP2 (94% filtration).

»HI Community Mask is made of medical grade plastic and is therefore very comfortable to wear.There is nothing more hygienic for the skin, because the material is skin neutral and does not causeany irritation.

»HI is generally the most cost-effective solution on the market, as only the inner fleece needs to be replaced. The replacement fleece stops 99.99% pollen and more than 98% of all particles larger than 3m. The mask can be used universally, is very easy to clean and can therefore be used quickly. An absolute advantage!