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Kenwood Titanium Major 7 Quart Mixer

Kenwood Titanium Major 7 Quart Mixer
Model #KMM021

If cooking is your passion, this kitchen machine will give you the freedom and the means to express it.

The Kenwood Titanium Major is designed for the culinary passionate and adored by world class chefs. With its supreme power and a variety of optional attachments, your Kenwood Titanium Major will always deliver a rewarding cooking experience. Feel more inspired and creative than ever, confident to master new tasks.

The Kenwood Titanium Major features an electronic variable speed control which allows ingredients to gradually incoporate before mixing them at high speeds, so they stay in the bowl and not on your countertop. The Kenwood Titanium Major also has four attachment hubs around the machine with different speeds allowing you to customize your machine with a multitude of optional attachments that are sold separately. A European-designed motor can power through any task, delivering more torque for the lightest mousses or heaviest dough loads. Dual motor ventilation points allow hot air to escape preventing the motor from overheating to preserve the life of the motor.

The Kenwood Titanium Major includes 3 stainless steel, professional quality bowl tools: k-beater, power whisk and dough hook. Each tool has been designed for high performance mixing to deliver perfect results with any recipe. The Kenwood Titanium Major Kitchen Machine's space saving design makes this an all-in-one premium culinary center in the kitchen.

  • Electronic Variable Speed Control: Keeps ingredients in the bowl and not on your countertop by allowing ingredients to incorporate before mixing at high speeds
  • 4 Attachment Hubs: Customize with optional attachments for maximum versatility and creativity
  • European Designed Motor: Optimized performance delivers more torque for the heaviest dough load or lightest mousse
  • 3 Stainless Steel Bowl Tools: Long lasting durable quality for perfect results with any recipe
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty, 5 Year Motor Warranty
  • 800 Watts of Power
  • 8 Mixing Speeds with Pulse Function for added control and versatility
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Die Cast Aluminum Body