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Finex Cast Iron Care Kit

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Heirloom quality cookware deserves superb maintenance.

This 3-Piece FINEX Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your cookware preserved and performing perfectly for generations.

From the drip-free eyedropper that dispenses Finex 100% organic flaxseed seasoning oil to the angle of the Scraper and width of the Scrubber – both of which fit Finex Skillet corners and match Finex Grill Pan rib spacing – Finex specifically designed this kit to fit their cookware. But don’t be afraid to try it on other cast iron cookware – you’ll find it useful in restoring your vintage pieces as well.


Oak WoodScraper

Wood scraper fits between our Grill Pan ribs; multi-angled sides reach and remove food from every corner.

Chain Link Scrubber

Durable stainless-steel chain link scrubber with silicone insert safely scrubs away grit and grime.

Organic Flaxseed Oil

Includes drip-free eyedropper. Apply flaxseed oil to the cooking surface and wipe completely clean.