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Chantal Induction 21 Steel 2.5 Qt Saucepan with Pour Spout and Strainer


Made from strong Japanese steel, the construction and design of the Induction 21 Steel cookware line guarantee superior quality. Each piece has copper melted into the steel, which effortlessly conducts heat quickly and evenly. Titanium is also added for strength and durability to endure everyday cooking. This specialty saucepan features a tempered-glass lid with built in strainer.  The strainer has two different sizes of holes making it perfect for easily removing liquid after boiling vegetables or pasta.  The rim has pouring spouts on both sides so it is comfortable for both left and right handed people.  The interior of the pot has fill lines for extra convenience.  Total capacity is 2.5 qt capacity.

• Great for magnetic induction and perfect for all cooktops

• Double strainer lid with different sized holes to strain vegetables or pastas

• Convenient double pouring spouts for the ambidextrous

• Graduated water level on the inside

• Oven safe (glass lid oven safe to 425°F)

• Dishwasher Safe

• Limited lifetime warranty